Drive Life!


Hey, I’m Coach Mindi! Can we talk for a minute?

How’s it going?

No…really! How’s it going? Real talk.

I know you are prepared to take control of the wheel and drive life! You’re no longer stuck in neutral, you’re ready to shift gears and accelerate. Can you tell I love cars?!  I get into more of that on my bio right over here, but these words also fit perfectly with the way I coach.

I’m devoted to helping you move forward and get on the road toward the life you truly desire.

I’m a certified life coach and I specialize in transformation coaching. Together we will work to break through internal blocks and "overcome the overwhelm" that is stopping you from "pushing the pedal to the metal."

Driving fast is scary sometimes, just like change. But when you have the right car, the right training and the adrenaline to keep you excited and not nervous, you are in for the ride of your life. The same goes for change. Embrace those twists and turns and enjoy the surprising scenery along the way!

Unexpected detours happen all the time, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship, a career change, a financial burden. You have the power from within to not only deal with, but also overcome, these. I’m here to help you get confident and see the abundance of opportunities in your life, while eliminating silly self-talk and self-doubt.

I’m your biggest cheerleader, the president of your support team and your friend.

Let's meet for coffee or lunch and chat about everything from the weather to your well-being. The coaching process is a lot of fun, if you’re open. I’m fascinated with meeting people, men and women alike, and delving into what make them tick. I’ve never met a stranger (thanks Dad for instilling that in me). My goal is to make you extremely comfortable, connect with you deeply, provide an honest and trusting ear and simply, be there.

Through grief, a career change, a divorce or whatever your situation, I’m happy to ride shotgun on this road trip with you. Are you in?! Let’s connect.