When I started working with Mindi, I had so much going on. I was all over the place with my emotions and physically I was feeling exhausted all the time. I made a move from one state to another, my parent’s health was deteriorating and just started to work part time.

After working with Mindi, I have to say that my anxieties have quieted down, I am able to focus. She listened intently and was very empathetic.

Mindi showed authentic concern and help me overcome self-doubt. She helped me understand how to use my strengths to live the life I always wanted. Today, I am more confident and ready to live my life to the fullest potential. Thanks, Mindi!

-Lillian V.

Coach Mindi is a great listener who has grasped my vision and person values, which allows her to help me to consistently move forward toward my personal and professional goals.

Coach Mindi can mellow me into a more peaceful presence in a matter of minutes with her powerful centering techniques, and then light a fire under me to boost my spirits and energy to motivate me and help me to see things in a different light or expand my vision to reach greater creative heights.

Deborah W.

Thank you Coach Mindi for your incredible coaching. After the exercises you gave me to do, my energy shifted and I took positive steps that have produced fantastic results! You wouldn’t believe what the energy shift caused. My heart became playful again. I am so thankful and happy. Thank you, my amazing coach!

Diane M.


Mindi is a talented coach who made a difference in my life. She helped me to find joy and gratitude. From that foundation, I was able to go the next step of removing blocks that prevented me from moving forward. I highly recommend the coaching services of Mindi.

-Susan G.

"After working with Mindi, I have to say that my anxieties have quieted down, I am able to focus.  She listened intently and was very empathetic."